House of Lobkowicz

Wine catalogue

From our historic cellars in Roudnice Castle, we present our entire catalogue of wines. Our cellars age, bottle and store for sale, a wide variety of wines with distinctive flavor and consistent quality.

Most of the wines we produce are dry or arid, but we are now able to produce smaller batch wines and a limited edition champagne. These are prepared by the classical method of aging in bottles and prepared for sale during the Christmas season.

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Pinot Noir 2016

grape selection, dry, 0,75 l

A typical brick colour is characteristic for this pinot noir grape. The scent contains wild cherry with a freshly dried tobacco finish. It tastes of sweet, ripe plums, walnut, and its woody tones come from the barrel in which the wine is aged. In the finish, you can taste salty notes, which refer to minerality […]

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