House of Lobkowicz

Temporary Contemporary II

Nothing Will Come of Nothing. Speak Again.

Temporary Contemporary II continues the successful exhibition project of The Lobkowicz Collections of 2015, comparing the artworks of current artists with those of the Old Masters. Moreover, the second year presents the works of the world-renowned photographer Ivan Pinkava (b. 1961) and the talented fashion designer Oldřich Vojta (b. 1991) whose designs are the main motifs of the photographs on display.

As indicated by Shakespeare’s subtitle of the exhibition – Nothing Will Come of Nothing. Speak Again. – it was the time of William Shakespeare that influenced Vojta’s fashion designs. His retrospect of the Elizabethan era is a memento of historical glitz, lifestyle, and clothing. As a counterpoint, the designer used simple contours and monochromatic colours which were inspired by the garments of the common people of that time. This produces the flowing play of light and shadow that reaches an ephemeral depth based on the choice of fabric for this collection: silk organza.

In his photographs, Ivan Pinkava captures the elusive and intimate moments, which despite their isolation breathe their own stories to us. The photographer does not aspire to capture the whole; instead he endeavours to highlight the importance of the individual parts which form the whole. The photographs, which depict the collection of fashion designs by Oldřich Vojta inspired by the Elizabethan Age, are very similar to the collection of Spanish portraits of the 16th century. In both cases, fashion is the major motif and focusing on the finest detail is a principal bearer of the artwork’s importance. The portraits of the Spanish masters are on display on the 2nd floor of the Lobkowicz Palace.


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