House of Lobkowicz

Painting on loan to the Belvedere in Vienna

A Cabinet of Curiosities, painted by the Flemish artist Cornelis de Baellieur (1607–1671), is on loan to the exhibition Princely Splendour. The Power of Pomp (Fürstenglanz – Die Macht der Pracht), organized by the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere in Vienna.
This painting taken from the Lobkowicz Collections reflects the ideal assortment of the 17th century art lover, which in accordance to the period concept of collecting covers an eclectic variety of scholarly fields – from paintings and sculptures to books, globes, objects of the arts and crafts, as well as diverse curiosities and objects of naturalia.
The exhibition in the Winter Palace thus acknowledges and integrates A Cabinet of Curiosities in the exploration of princely display and prestige between 1600 and 1800. For the first time, this phenomenon will be investigated through a wider pan-European perspective, comparing the most important collections of Baroque Europe in this uniquely ambitious project.

The exhibition runs from 18 March until 26 June 2016.


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