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Luther! 95 Schätze – 95 Menschen

Altar Panel on Loan to the Exhibition Luther! 95 Schätze – 95 Menschen

At Wittenberg, the original place of the Reformation and the scene of Martin Luther’s most important acts, a double exhibition is presented. The first part takes a closer look at the history of the Lutheran Church, and on Luther’s significant impact on the history of the world. “95 people” whose lives have been influenced in one way or another by Martin Luther are introduced. The second part is devoted to Luther’s material legacy and features “95 treasures”: valuable items on loan from Germany and around the globe that are directly related to Martin Luther – things that the reformer either saw or used himself.

The Lobkowicz Collections have contributed to this project by lending the Panel from the Vliněves Altar with St. Adalbert and Jan Hus.

Depicted on the panel in a red robe and a heretic’s cap, Jan Hus is standing right next to St. Adalbert. This saint played a crucial role in the Christianization of the Czech lands and it is therefore highly likely that the figure of Jan Hus refers to his foundational importance for the Czech Utraquist Church.

The exhibition runs until 5 November 2017. More information here (only in German language).



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