House of Lobkowicz

Loan to The Northern Bohemia Gallery of Fine Art in Litoměřice

From  afar / from near:  Landscape painting in Northern Bohemia

The Northern Bohemia Gallery of Fine Art in Litoměřice

 8. 12. 2017–4. 3. 2018

The Lobkowicz family has maintained a prominent presence in Northern Bohemia for over 500 years. Therefore, it is not surprising that their collection includes many landscapes from the region. Previously a beautiful terrain sought after by painters in the 19th century, today the region of Northern Bohemia is devastated from the manufacturing practices of the 20th century.  Lorenz Adolf Schönberger (1768–1847) was one of the artists who documented the original splendor of this region in the 19th century. Schönberger came from Austria where he also graduated from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. After his studies he travelled across Europe and visited the Czech lands. The exhibition From afar / from near received two landscapes on loan from the Lobkowicz Collections, The view of the Roudnice Castle and a town in moonlight with the River Elbe in the foreground and The view to the distance to the town of Roudnice, the castle and the river Elbe. As the title of the first painting suggests, Schönberger explored the possibilities for depicting light in his paintings. For the soft luminosity of his paintings, he drew inspiration from Claude Lorraine (1600–1682), a prominent French landscape painter who worked mainly in Italy and contributed significantly to the art of landscape painting.


Lorenz Adolf Schönberger (1768–1847), A distant view of Roudnice and the castle with the river Elbe, oil on canvas, 128 x 191 cm


Lorenz Adolf Schönberger (1768–1847), A view of Roudnice castle and town by moonlight with the river Elbe in the foreground, oil on canvas, 128 x 191 cm

More about the exhibition in Czech language here.


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