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Loan to the National Gallery

The Lobkowicz Collections has lent two paintings and a manuscript to the exhibition Archduke Ferdinand II Habsburg. Renaissance ruler and patron saint between Prague and Innsbruck, which will be held at the Valdštejn Riding School in Prague from 3 November 2017 to 25 February 2018.  The exhibition reflects the international influence of Ferdinand II in its execution, as it was first shown at the Ambras Castle in Innsbruck.  The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, the National Gallery of Prague and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic co-curated and -sponsored this initiative. More information here.

Portrait of Vratislav of Pernštejn

The first portrait depicts Vratislav of Pernštejn (1530–1582) and is painted by a follower of Anthonis Mor (1517–1577).  In 1555, Vratislav of Pernštejn became the first Czech nobleman to receive the Order of the Golden Fleece. This high distinction was given by the Spanish king only to the most prominent of aristocrats.  These aristocrats were usually Catholic and had won the favor of the Spanish king by spreading the faith. In 1566-82 Vratislav served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Kingdom of Bohemia.


Portrait of Vilém of Rožmberk

The second painting is a portrait of Vilém of Rožmberk (1535-1592) from the studio of Hans von Achen (1552–1615).  Vilém of Rožmberk played a major role in foreign policy as the Supreme Burgrave of Bohemia.  In that way, Vratislav and Vilém shared similar political careers in addition to being linked by marriage (Vratislav’s daughter, Polyxena of Pernštejn, was Vilém’s fourth wife).  Their power and wealth may have been a result of their faithfulness to the Habsburg family and the Catholic Church. In the 1570s, he was considered as a candidate for the Polish royal throne but neither time was appointed.


Both portraits date to the second half of the 16th century.

Memoirs of Pavel Korka of Korkyně

The manuscript includes handwritten notes from Bohemian aristocrat and courtier Pavel Korka (†1598), recorded between 1522–1593.  The memoirs cover both Korka’s private life and his career at the Imperial Court, and include numerous comments on various period events—even remarks on the weather or astronomical phenomena.  As Korka lent his services to several consequent Habsburg monarchs, his personal memories of the Habsburg rulers are of particular importance for researchers. Interesting are also depictions of his own foreign missions.

The original text is richly annotated by the hand of a later owner of the volume, Bohemian nobleman Ladislav Zejdlic of Šenfeld (ca. 1566–1632).

Memoirs of Pavel Korka of Korkyně_1



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