House of Lobkowicz

Painting restauration completed

Portrait of Emperor Ferdinand I could be seen back in the exposition of the Lobkowicz Palace after a successful conservation treatment. The painting is the last full-length portrait of the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia Ferdinand I (1503—1564). Born in Spain, Ferdinand I was the first Habsburg to whom the members of the Lobkowicz family served. The painting is signed by Hans Krell (c. 1490–c.1565/1586), an important German painter of the 16 th century who specialized in portraying members of nobility and the royal houses of the time.

Before the restoration, the portrait was in an overall poor condition; the paint was discoloured by surface dirt and yellowed in places by an old brown varnish. Old patches and over-paint distorted the appearance of the historically significant artwork. The painting required complete conservation including new stretcher, relining, consolidation of the colour layer and retouching.

The conservation work was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of Ms. Adrienne Naessil and Ms. Renee Voltman.


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