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Gallant Conversations

 Gallant Conversations

Lobkowicz Palace, August 2, 2017

For the last 400 years the Lobkowicz Palace has hosted creative minds and been a site of artistic dialogue. Members of the Lobkowicz Family have been active musicians, great patrons, and collectors of music scores and instruments. Continuing our legacy of patronage, the Palace invites you to experience a musical conversation between the German High Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) and his French followers Louis-Gabriel Guillemain (1705-1770) and Jean-Joseph de Mondonville (1711-1772).  On 2 August join the House of Lobkowicz in celebrating this relationship as members of Hofkapelle München, led by the brilliant violinist Rüdiger Lotter, performs a chamber piece by Telemann and compositions by his successors in the so-called gallant style of the 18th– century.

This year the Czech Baroque ensemble Collegium Marianum brings the 18th season of the Summer Festivities of Early Music festival to Prague. A series of concerts dedicated to the revival of typically underperformed French compositions, the festival seeks to bring this specific repertoire to a Central European audience. With this performance, entitled Gallant Conversations, the Lobkowicz Palace welcomes a week of musical revival which will resonate in the historical temples, cloisters, and palaces of Prague.

The House of Lobkowicz has a strong affiliation with French early music, having passionately collected French compositions, including the of lyric tragedies and comedy-ballets of the royal composer of Louis XIV, Jean-Baptist Lully (1632-1687). Today, the Lobkowicz Collections proudly holds the largest private compilation of French lute tablature in the world. Before the concert in the Imperial Hall, make sure to visit the Collection’s Music Room and see the portrait and personal lute of Princess Anna Maria Lobkowicz (1703-54), the family’s champion lutist. The Princess married Philip Hyacinth, 4th Prince Lobkowicz in 1721, and she brought the young Christoph Willibald Gluck into the family orchestra at their Vienna Palace.

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