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Loan of the Bruegel´s Haymaking

2019 sees the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c 1525/30 – 1569). To mark the occasion the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is dedicating the world’s first ever major monograph exhibition to the artist widely regarded as the 16th century’s greatest Netherlandish painter. Just over forty paintings by Bruegel’s own hand have been preserved to this day. The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna owns by far the largest collection, with twelve panels.

Curators of the Lobkowicz Collections have loaned the highlight of the collection in the Lobkowicz Palace – Bruegel´s Haymaking which is going to be surely one of the biggest sensations of the exhibition.

The exhibition starts on 2 October and lasts until 13 January  2019.

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The Lobkowicz Collections have brought here from Nelahozeves Castle two paintings by Brueghel’s sons, Pieter the Younger (1564-1638) and Jan (1568-1625). Both sons followed their famous father’s career as painters but they each produced very different work from one another. Their paintings will be displayed at the Lobkowciz Palace until the end of Mach 2019.

Pieter almost exclusively repeated his father’s style and compositions of peasant scenes. The Lobkowicz ‘Winter Scene’ is however unique in that it is his own compositional invention and derives in no way from any work of his father. Two other versions of the composition are known.

Jan too painted peasant and village scenes but also extensive landscapes, still lifes, allegorical & mythological scenes, as well as religious subjects, as here with ‘Saint Martin diving his cloak’. His style is his own and gave rise to many followers and imitators. Jan often, as here, painted on copper panels, which helped show off his brilliant, fluid and delicate handling of paint. His technique and the very fine finish he achieved, gave rise soon after his death to his becoming known as ‘Velvet Brueghel’ or ‘Bruegel de velours’.

Jan’s portrait was painted by Rubens with whom he also collaborated, whilst Pieter’s Image was drawn by van Dyck. Both these small paintings were acquired in the late 17th century by Ferdinand August, 3rd Prince Lobkowicz (1655-1715).

Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1564–1638), A Village in Winter,
oil on panel, d. 16.7 cm

Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568–1625), A Village Scene With St. Martin Dividing His Cloak,
oil on panel, 20.5 x 33.5 cm


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