House of Lobkowicz

Christmas Present Idea

Christmas Present Ideas

Looking for an original gift for a wine lover? Give the gift of patronage. Sponsor a head of grapevine at the Roudnice Castle Vineyard.

The vineyards were newly planted in 2016 as a part of the  Lobkowicz Castle gardens facing Karlovo náměstí. The joint collaboration of planting the vineyard with the Lobkowicz Castle Winery Roudnice nad Labem together with the surrounding community is celebrating the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV. The vine symbolically returns to the heart of the city several centuries where it grew in the times of Carlsbad.

The vineyard follows Middle Age plating practices with 600 heads of Blue Rubinet.

Benefits of becoming a Patron:

– Patronage of one plant lasting 3 years.

– A specialized placard with the selected text placed on the vine.

– An official certificate

– Limited edition bottle of wine celebrating the planting of the new vineyard (wine value of 250 CZK)

Patronage price: 600 CZK

Order form to download here


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