House of Lobkowicz

RunTour in Ústí nad Labem

Lobkowicz Events Management partners with the RunTour in Ústí nad Labem

The premiere of RunTour, touring the Czech Republic for several years now, took place last year in Ústí nad Labem. The feedback was so positive that the coordinators decided to organize a second run. You can look forward to the event scheduled to take place on Saturday May 13th, with registration for up to 1500 runners. All funds raised help the Leontinka Foundation, supporting children and students with visual impairments. In 2016, thanks to RunTour, the Foundation donated CZK 1,044,300 to this purpose.

With the same route as last year and in collaboration with the czech boxer Lukáš Konečný, all runners will travel from the Marian bridge to Střekov. The lengths of the races are 5 and 10 kilometers for adults, and 500 and 1000 meters for younger participants. All are invited to join, whether professional or aspiring runners. Will you join RunTour Ústí this year?

Winners, among others, will receive vouchers for family admission to Lobkowicz castles and castles.

You can register at Currently, the starting fee is CZK 500, if purchased onsite the fee will be CZK 600. For more news and related events, visit the RunTour Facebook page.



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