House of Lobkowicz

Memento Mori

The new temporary exhibition Memento Mori

Piranesi Room, Lobkowicz Palace, until 10 December 2018

Our team of curators prepared a new temporary exhibition called Memento Mori.

Through the Middle Ages, as well as in the early modern history a motto Memento Mori (Remember that you have to die) was very often used and quoted. However, the origins of this motto date back to the ancient Greek. Although back then it referred rather to a necessity of enjoying the life, medieval Christian philosophy implemented into this sentence moralize and spiritual subtext. Through Memento Mori reflected the transience of human life and requirement of „good death“, and also the Last Judgement. Therefore we can find this topic in many various items surrounding people since they were born (paintings, sculptures, clocks, jewels, etc.).  The goal of the temporary exhibition is to point out this phenomenon, which is perceived rather distorted in our epoch, as well as to exhibit unique pieces from the Lobkowicz Collections.

Castrum doloris_upravené


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