House of Lobkowicz

Pottery festival

15th edition of Pottery festival is coming!

Nelahozeves Castle will organize the 15th edition Pottery and Craft festival the last weekend of the month, on April 29 and 30. The Knight’s Hall will feature live theater and concerts, horseshoe fittings will be demonstrated in front of the castle, birds of prey will be flying over the castle, and the popular juggler Pupa and the folk ensemble Špalíček will entertain in the courtyard. The chateau cellars will be transformed into a ceramic workshop, where young and old alike will be able to try their hand at making a cup or bowl on a real potter’s wheel. Non-drivers can sample the traditional wines made at the Lobkowicz Roudnice winery. There will also be tours of the castle, featuring guides dressed in historic costumes, and period games will be offered in the gardens.  More about the program here.


Due to limited capacity, we recommend prior booking of theatre performances, concerts, or tours. For information about admission and program reservation call tel. 315 709 111 or .



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