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Fratava is a Regional Product

Fratava is a Regional Product!

Fratava is the trademark brand of the Czech Central Mountains, and it is no wonder – four of the approximately seven hectares in the Czech Republic of this plant variety are in our vineyard and region. In addition, Fratava, like all of our other wines, is produced largely with handmade work and complies with stringent certification conditions and standards.

The variety of Fratava, which is the crossbreed of Svatovavřinecký and Frankovka, was first cultivated in 1973 in Moravská Nová Ves by Lubomír Glos. However it was not registered in the State Variety Book until 2008. In 2011 the Fratava 2009 wine became a major success as the first Czech quality wine to ever enter the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic – the selection of the hundred best wines in that year.

The Fratava wine is characterized by a dark red color. The scent of fresh fruit, dried plums, spicy overtones and chocolate can be found in the taste, aroma and bouquet. The wines are equally suitable for immediate consumption as well as storage and aging.


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