House of Lobkowicz

PKF – Lobkowicz Series 2017

4th Concert of PKF – Lobkowicz Series 2017
The Final Fanfare | 6pm | November 20 | Lobkowicz Palace

The trumpet has been forever used for celebratory fanfares and signalling in battles, to open banquets and announce the arrival of a ruler. In the hands of Gábor Boldoczki all the instrument’s attributes, along with stunning virtuosity and tonal richness, are on display. Boldoczki ranks among the most outstanding and talented trumpet players of today and he enjoys returning to perform with the PKF.


Evening programme

6.00 pm      Welcome drink and tour of the exhibition
6.45 pm      Stories from the Arts: The curators of the Lobkowicz music collection reveal its treasures through enthralling story-telling
7.00 pm      Opening ceremony
7.15 pm      Concert by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia and soloists in the Imperial Hall
8.30 pm      Vica Kerekes presents the new CD “Bohemian Rhapsody”
8.45 pm      Meeting the artists over a glass of wine, with refreshments provided by the head chef of the Lobkowicz Palace

Remarkable evenings in the magical Lobkowicz Palace attract guests to special gatherings with the curators of the Lobkowicz Collections and to fascinating discussion about subjects connecting both history and the present. The guests have a unique opportunity to meet the PKF – Prague Philharmonia’s artists and management. Refreshments provided by the head chef of the Lobkowicz Palace and a glass of wine make a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that pervades the whole evening.


Johann Baptist Georg Neruda (1707 – 1780): Concerto for Trumpet, Strings and B.c. in E flat major
František Benda (1709 – 1786): Symphony No. 2 in G major
Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778 – 1837): Introduction, Theme and Variations for Flugelhorn and Orchestra in F minor Op. 102 (orig. for Oboe)
Johann Baptist Vaňhal (1739 – 1813): Symphony in G minor Op. 17/2
Johann Baptist Vaňhal: Concerto for Flugelhorn and Orchestra in F major (orig. for Double Bass)

Following his victory in the Maurice André International Competition 1997 in Paris, Gábor Boldoczki was named a worthy successor of this legendary trumpeter, widely considered the best trumpet player of the 20th century. With this success and adding, in the same year, another victory in the ARD Munich competition, Boldoczki, age 20, launched his career. He won, the year before, the Prague Spring Competition. These days, he gives concerts around the world, his CV displays a list of prominent concert venues, such as Musikverein in Vienna, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Berliner Philharmonie, Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris and the Palace of Arts in Budapest. He was the first trumpeter, ever, to be invited to perform solo trumpet concertos at the Salzburg Festival. He has recently received an ECHO Klassik Award in the ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ category, the first time he received the same award was in 2008. ‘A tone is amirror of an artist’s soul and personality’ is how Gábor Boldoczki clearly and intelligibly defines his artistic vision, and commentson the programme: ‘Music from the Classical era is like James Bond, there is always something happening there,yet it remains elegant and beautiful.’

The subscription for 1 person costs 16,000 CZK including VAT. The subscription covers all four concerts, a reserved seat in the hall and entry to all parts of the evening. The subscription is transferable. When purchasing the subscription you automatically become a member of the PKF – Philharmonia Club.

For reservations and further information contact:

Dana Syrová
director of the Lobkowicz subscription project
Phone +420 724 245 372


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