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Nelahozeves Castle

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Host your next event at majestic Nelahozeves Castle, a magnificent setting in which to hold your corporate function or entertain your business associates, family and friends.

Located high above the Vltava River, and a mere 35 km from Prague, this 16th-century Renaissance estate combines the history of a Bohemian noble family and the beauty of the Czech Republic’s most important privately owned art collection within the Castle’s well-appointed salons.

The elegant first-floor rooms may be rented for corporate and personal events, including conferences, seminars, receptions, gala dinners, wine tastings, weddings and private concerts. Let the dedicated, experienced and multilingual staff at Lobkowicz Events Management create a memorable signature event for you and your guests.

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Nelahozeves Castle
Nelahozeves 1, 277 51 Nelahozeves
Czech Republic


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Why Nelahozeves Castle?

  • Charm – Tranquil Renaissance Country Estate
  • Comfort – 16 beautifully decorated and flexible event spaces
  • Culture – Astounding historical and artistic legacy
  • Convenience – Located only 35 km from Prague

Floor Plan

Image Map Arcade Hall Yellow Salon Pelican Room Tapestry Room Schönberg Room Rožmberk Room Knights Hall Anteroom Officers Room Landscape Room Ferdinand Room Habsburg Room Dvořák Hall Castle Cellars Courtyard Castle Restaurant Castle Gardens

1. Arcade Hall

The south-facing Arcade Hall is a luminous and refined 16th-century space that enjoys a beautiful view of the Castle's interior courtyard and the wooded area that lies beyond the Castle Garden. Though originally not fenestrated, the Hall was enclosed sometime after the Castle's reconstruction and today, beneath the new windows, exquisite stone fretwork that dates to the time of the Castle's erection can be seen. This magnificent Hall is the perfect space for welcomings and cocktail receptions.

Room size: 24,7 x 4,3 m; 106,2 m²
Capacity: Banquet: N/A; Buffet: 50; Reception: 80; Theater: N/A

2. Yellow Salon

This spacious and inviting room located in the northwest corner of the Castle is furnished with Biedermeier and other period furniture, fine pieces from the most important 17th century Delft dinner service in the world, and paintings from the 17th-19th centuries by artists such as Honthorst, Cortese, Reinholdt and Schweninger. The room exudes comfort and elegance, providing the ideal setting for corporate or private client lunches, dinners or cocktail receptions.

Room size: 9,1 x 7,5 m; 68,3 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 40; Buffet: 40; Reception: 40; Theater: 50

3. Pelican Room

This welcoming room with burnished orche walls is named after the 17th-century painting of a pelican that hangs on the south wall and that of was commissioned by Ferdinand August, 3rd Prince Lobkowicz (1655-1715). On the north wall is a group of nine mid-18th century horse paintings of the Roudnice Castle stud that belonged to Ferdinand Philip, the 6th Prince Lobkowicz. Also of note is a life-size portrait of a man in "fancy" costume; he is believed to have been the Lobkowicz family jester in the 17th century.

Room size: 7,4 x 6,2 m; 37,8 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

4. Tapestry Room

This room receives its name from the large 17th-century tapestry by the Flemish weaver Louis Hinart that hangs on the south wall. On the other walls is installed a series of four large 17th-century Flemish paintings of fruit, birds, and putti. Additional artworks in this room include four Rosa da Tivoli paintings of animals in pastoral landscapes and a large collection of porcelain, some of which was made in Paris in the early part of the 19th century in the Oriental style.

Room size: 5,8 x 6,2 m; 36 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

5. Schönberg Room

The Schönberg Room is devoted to a series of large, early 19th-century paintings of family castles by Lorenz Adolf Schönberg. Commissioned by Josef František Maximilian, 7th Prince Lobkowicz (1772-1816), the pictures include two views of Jezeří, a castle in North Bohemia, two images of Roudnice Castle, the principal seat of the family; and single paintings of Bílina Castle and Střekov Castle. Also displayed in the room is part of a white armorial family dinner service dating from the mid-19th century.

Room size: 6,5 x 5,2 m; 33,8 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

6. Rožmberk Room

Bearing one of the most illustrious names in Czech history, this room contains eleven portraits of members of the now-extinct Rožmberk lineage. Beautifully restored, this group includes an image of the family's most famous member, William. Once one of the wealthiest noblemen in the Czech Republic, he died childless, leaving as his widow Polyxena of Prenštejn (1566=1642), who would later become Princess Lobkowicz after her 1603 marriage to Zdeněk Vojtěch, 1st Prince Lobkowicz (1568-1628).

Room size: 5,4 x 6,0 m; 32,4 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

7. Knights Hall

The Knights Hall was historically used for all ceremonial occasions during the Renaissance and Baroque periods and receives its name from the frescoes of massive mythological warriors that adorn the Hall’s walls. Though these frescoes and those on the ceiling were damaged when the Castle was used as a military hospital during the Austro-Prussian War in 1866, the ceiling’s plaster decorations, which depict episodes from Roman mythology, were saved. The Hall’s other star feature – the elaborate Flemish limestone fireplace on the south wall – dates from the mid-16th century and is most likely the work of Italian craftsmen. The Knights Hall is still used today for ceremonial events such as weddings, and its exceptional acoustics make it an ideal venue for concerts and gala celebrations.

Room size: 9,2 x 9,2 m; 84,7 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 60; Buffet: 60; Reception: 80; Theater: 100

8. Anteroom

The Anteroom is decorated with late 16th and early 17th-century full-length portraits of noblewomen. Among the most important sitters in these paintings are Maria de’ Medici, Queen of France, and Margarita de Cardona, first cousin of the mother-in-law of Zdeněk Vojtěch, 1st Prince Lobkowicz (1568–1628), and wife of Count Dietrichstein, who was Imperial Envoy to Spain. Large and airy, the Anteroom is best suited to events taking place in the Castle’s east wing.

Room size: 8,2 x 5,8 m; 47,6 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

9. Officers Room

A group of eighteen portraits of military officers from the private regiment of Field Marshal Prince George Christian Lobkowicz (1686–1753/5) decorates the four walls of this room. Traditionally attributed to Antonio Lucini, these works are an extraordinary record of the last members of the Lobkowicz family’s personal regiment, which had been founded during the Thirty Years War by Václav Eusebius, 2nd Prince Lobkowicz (1609–1677) and which formed an integral part of the Imperial Habsburg forces.

Room size: 5,7 x 6,0 m; 34,2 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

10. Landscape Room

This room is adorned with colorful 19th-century paintings of the Austrian Alps by Austrian, German and Czech artists such as Heike, Reinhold, Schweninger, Novopacký and Kautský. Collected by the Lobkowiczes as reminders of the holidays they regularly took in the majestic mountains of Austria, these works complement the vista seen from the Landscape Room’s windows: sweeping views of the mighty Vltava River, soon to join the Elbe River a few kilometers downstream.

Room size: 5,9 x 6,1 m; 36 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

11. Ferdinand Room

Like the adjacent Landscape Room, this room contains several landscapes dating from the 19th century. Among the paintings is a canvas showing the blessing of regimental colors near Bílina Castle in 1848 as Ferdinand Josef, 8th Prince Lobkowicz (1797–1868), looks on from the shade of an awning. An earlier work dating from 1822 shows the 8th Prince enjoying the vast sweep of the Sicilian coastline and Mount Etna while in the company of the entourage with which he was traveling on the Grand Tour.

Room size: 6,1 x 5,5 m; 33,6 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

12. Habsburg Room

The focal point of the last room in the Castle’s east wing is the life-size portrait of Emperor Franz Josef, which was painted by Theodor Breitweiser and shows the Emperor in the robes of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1896. The oval portraits on the other walls, also painted by Breitweiser, include many members of the Imperial family, as well as a number of contemporary popes. Also on display in this room is a porcelain bust of the important Austrian statesman Count Stadion that was made by Elias Hütter in 1821.

Room size: 6,2 x 5,5 m; 34,1 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 20; Theater: N/A

13. Dvořák Hall

The refined Dvořák Hall extends almost the entire length of the Castle's west wing. Understatedly elegant, the Hall is decorated with 17th and 18th-century Japanese Arita ware. Eight large windows, four on each of the two long walls, infuse the room with natural light and provide views of the Castle’s interior courtyard to the east and its 16th-century bridge and main entrance to the west. The Hall is especially suitable for cocktail receptions, wine tastings, concerts and presentations.

Room size: 19,0 x 3,5 m; 66,5 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 40; Buffet: 40; Reception: 60; Theater: 60

14. Castle Cellars

Rising up from the Castle’s foundations to form high vaulted ceilings, the two rooms that comprise the Castle Cellars are wonderfully atmospheric and historic spaces that conjure images of times past. Easily accessible from both the main driveway that leads up to the Castle entrance and from the Castle’s interior courtyard, the Cellars are able to accommodate large groups and are suitable for the organization of a variety of events, including wine tastings that showcase the finest Lobkowicz labels. The Castle Cellars, with their original stonework and high, vaulted ceilings, provide a unique, historic atmosphere for large group events and activities.

Room 1
Room size: 20 x 7,5 m; 150 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 80; Buffet: 80; Reception: 100; Theater: 130

Room 2
Room size: 9 x 11,5 m; 103,5 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 40; Buffet: N/A; Reception: 40; Theater: N/A

15. Courtyard

Nelahozeves Castle was built in the style of an Italian palazzo. An ancient stone bridge leads to the vaulted entrance gate and through to a huge, cobblestoned courtyard enclosed by Italianate arcading. The walls, built from hewn blocks, are visually embellished by sgrafitto, which depicts scenes from the Old Testament, ancient mythology and manuscript ornamentations. The courtyard provides an ideal space for welcome receptions, festivals, period programs and marketing event activities.

Room size: 26.6 x 36,8 m; 979 m²
Capacity: Banquet: N/A; Buffet: 400; Reception: 600; Theater: 750

16. Castle Restaurant

The Castle Restaurant is conveniently located on the first floor of the Castle’s east wing, just above the Castle Gift Shop. Decorated with original furniture, paintings and porcelain from The Lobkowicz Collections, the Restaurant exudes a warmth and a charm that are further enhanced by the views of the Vltava River enjoyed from the windows. This space is easily adapted for groups of varying sizes and is a perfect choice for daytime visitors as well as for smaller evening gatherings.

Room size: 6,5 x 5 m; 32,5 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 32; Buffet: 40; Reception: N/A; Theater: N/A

17. Castle Gardens

Near the southern wall of the Castle, conveniently accessible from the Castle bridge and adjacent to the Vltava River, lies the romantic Castle Garden. This extensive green lawn is filled with large yews and an ancient, overhanging walnut tree. Adjacent to the Garden extends an open area with natural outcroppings and walking paths that lead into a small wooded park. These outdoor spaces are ideally suited for a variety of seasonal events, including period programs, outdoor weddings and team-building activities.

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Four unique, elegant and exclusive Lobkowicz properties; Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle, Renaissance Nelahozeves Castle, Baroque Roudnice Castle and Winery, and the romantic, gothic Střekov.


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From our magnificently decorated halls with unparalleled views of Prague, to our intimate manicured gardens of Nelahozeves and the gothic ruins of Střekov, we have historical venues to fulfill your every wedding fantasy. Let us help you make your dreams come true.


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