House of Lobkowicz

Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle

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Hold your next event at the historic Lobkowicz Palace where our reception and meeting rooms offer a memorable experience in a rich and distinctive setting.

The only privately owned building in the Prague Castle complex, the Lobkowicz Palace combines luxurious spaces, museum collections of worldwide significance and stunning views overlooking the "City of 100 Spires", making it a unique choice for receptions, business meetings and private events.

All first-floor rooms, including the Concert Hall, Balcony Room and Terrace, and the elegant Imperial Hall may be rented for social events, conferences, seminars, weddings or private concerts. Spaces include the intimate and refined salons of the Museum galleries, with their fine paintings from the Lobkowicz Collections, and the grand and elegant Imperial Hall, which features marble floors and frescoed, trompe l'oeil-embellished walls.

The dedicated, experienced and multilingual staff at Lobkowicz Events Management will be pleased to create a memorable event for you and your guests, arranging all necessary details, including accompanying programs, entertainment and complete catering services.

Ideal for:

  • Gala dinners
  • Corporate events
  • Private parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Conferences and corporate presentations
  • Meetings
  • Concerts and recitals

For more information about holding your next event at The Lobkowicz Palace, please contact Vendula Krejčí, Director of Sales, at +420 720 934 385 or at



Lobkowicz Palace
Jiřská 3, 119 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic


+420 720 934 385

Why Lobkowicz Palace?

  • Unprecedented Access - The only private building in Prague Castle
  • Unparalleled Excellence – 15 exquisitely decorated and flexible event spaces
  • Unbelievable View – Spectacular panoramic view
  • Unequalled Heritage – Astounding cultural legacy

Floor Plan

Image Map Concert Hall Balcony Room Terrace Rococo Room Music salon Mořic Room Oriental Room Piranesi Room Dog Room Bird Room Ernestine Room Ferdinand Room Imperial Hall

1. Concert Hall

The Concert Hall is decorated with finely stuccoed fireplaces and a richly adorned ceiling painted in the mid-1660s by Czech artist Václav Fabián Harovník. The room adjoins the elaborately restored Family Chapel, in which Harovník created frescoes depicting the Holy Trinity and the life of St. Wenceslas.

Room size: 12 x 8 m; 96 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 70; Buffet: 100; Cocktail: 120; Theater: 120

2A. Balcony Room

The luminous Balcony Room features an ornately stuccoed 17th-century ceiling embellished with painted mythological and allegorical scenes by Czech artist Václav Fabián Harovník. The room opens onto an expansive, balustraded terrace featuring extraordinary panoramic views of Prague.

Room size: 15 x 8 m; 120 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 80; Buffet: 120; Cocktail: 150; Theater: 140

2B. Terrace

The balustraded terrace boasts perhaps the finest panoramic views of Prague. Open throughout the year, it offers immediate access to both the Balcony Room and the Music Salon, making it an ideal space for use during corporate events and private functions, including cocktails and receptions.

Room size: 10,5 x 3,5 m; 36,75 m²
Capacity: Banquet: N/A; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 80; Theater: N/A

3. Rococo Room

This elegant room decorated in the rococo style features a collection of portraits of noble ladies-in-waiting by the 18th-century Habsburg court painter Franz von Stampart. Two exquisite vitrines display other precious objects from the era, including ivory fans, porcelain figurines and silver and enamel patch boxes.

Room size: 8,7 x 6 m; 52,2 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 30; Buffet: 30; Cocktail: 30; Theater: 30

4. Music Salon

This grand reception room highlights important musical activities of the Lobkowicz family from the 18th and early 19th centuries. It features commanding views of Prague and boasts a beautiful adjacent belvedere, from which a trio or quartet may perform an accompanying musical program.

Room size: 10 x 6 m; 60 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 40; Buffet: 40; Cocktail: 40; Theater: 50

5. Mořic Room

In this intimate room at the southwestern corner of the Palace hang portraits of Lobkowicz family members from the period of Emperor Franz Josef I, including an imposing portrait of Mořic, 9th Prince Lobkowicz (1831-1903), in his ceremonial robes of a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

Room size: 6,3 x 5 m; 31,5 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 20; Theater: N/A

6. Oriental Room

This room contains a set of nine 18th-century embroidered silk panels depicting oriental figures, birds and animals in exotic garden and landscape settings. Formerly used as decorative screens, these panels have been fully restored and are displayed individually in black lacquered frames that hang against chartreuse-colored walls.

Room size: 5,2 x 6 m; 31,2 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 20; Theater: N/A

7. Piranesi Room

Displayed on all sides of this boldly painted room is an extensive collection of 18th-century engravings detailing views of Rome by the celebrated topographical artist, printmaker, draftsman and architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi. These views were acquired by Ferdinand Josef, 8th Prince Lobkowicz (1797-1868), while on the Grand Tour in 1820.

Room size: 5,8 x 6 m; 34,8 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 20; Theater: N/A

8. Dog Room

Dog ownership has been a tradition in the Lobkowicz family since the 16th century. As early as the 1580s, these beloved canines appeared alongside their masters in historical portraits. In later years, the dogs became the primary focus of many paintings, the most representative examples of which hang in this room.

Room size: 6 x 7,8 m; 46,8 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 20; Theater: N/A

9. Bird Room

Installed in this room is an unusual and rare series of 55 images of birds. Dating to the late 18th century, these remarkable works of art were created using a combination of real bird feathers and watercolor. They retain their original glazes within expertly restored frames and are hung against fanciful trees painted on the walls.

Room size: 6 x 4,5 m; 27 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 10; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 15; Theater: N/A

10. Ernestine Room

Displayed in this room is a remarkable series of 17th-century female portraits painted by Princess Ernestine of Nassau-Siegen, including her own self-portrait which hangs on the courtyard wall. While it is not known if she was formally trained, Princess Ernestine was a gifted artist, which was highly exceptional for a noble-born woman of the time.

Room size: 6 x 6,5 m; 39 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 20; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 20; Theater: N/A

11. Ferdinand Room

An intimate setting for private dinners and meetings, this beautifully appointed room is installed with a fine selection of landscape paintings, hunting scenes and 18th-century Chinese Imari plates. It is named for Ferdinand Zdenko, 10th Prince Lobkowicz (1858-1938), whose portrait hangs across from that of his wife, Anna Bertha.

Room size: 5,7 x 4,1 m; 23,37 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 12; Buffet: N/A; Cocktail: 15; Theater: N/A

12. Imperial Hall

Built by Václav Eusebius, 2nd Prince Lobkowicz (1609-1677), during his 17th century baroque reconstruction of the Palace, the Imperial Hall is a grand, marble-floored room with elegant chandeliers, elaborate trompe l'oeil decorative motifs and large windows opening onto spectacular views of the city of Prague. It is the perfect location for gala dinners, weddings, and dance, music or theatrical performances. The Imperial Hall can also accommodate receptions, presentations and conferences.

Room size: 18 x 13 m; 234 m²
Capacity: Banquet: 180; Buffet: 220; Cocktail: 350; Theater: 300

Image Map Charles Bridge The River Room The Garden Room

1. Charles Bridge (Overlooking the Charles Bridge and city of Prague)

This room, with stunning views of the city, is an excellent choice for any special occasion or celebration. Its walls are decorated in a delicate yellow and are complemented by landscape paintings and porcelain plates from the 18th century.

Charles Bridge offers the perfect setting for business lunches, dinners, receptions or corporate presentations. The adjoining smaller rooms can also be used for refreshments during breaks.

2. The River Room

With impressive views of Prague and the Vltava River, the two most important works in this space are two large landscapes from the turn of the 17th and 18th century. These works are attributed to Dutch painter, Wilhelm von Bemmel (1630-1708), who hailed from Nuremberg.

3. The Garden Room

This spacious room was named after a wonderful landscape painting that offers a view of a whimsical garden and dates to the end of the 17th century. Also not to be missed in The Garden Room are two paintings dramatically spotlit against a dark background, attributed to the Baroque painter, Michael-Wenzel Halbax (Halwachs) (c. 1661-1711).

Event Solutions

Lobkowicz Events Management will help you create your memorable, signature event. We offer full-scale event planning; including corporate events, meetings, conferences, receptions, gala dinners, and weddings.

Destination Management

Premier destination management company (DMC) offering comprehensive event planning, travel and entertainment services for companies, organizations, and individuals from around the world.

Property Rentals

Four unique, elegant and exclusive Lobkowicz properties; Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle, Renaissance Nelahozeves Castle, Baroque Roudnice Castle and Winery, and the romantic, gothic Střekov.


Our exclusive catering company provides high-end, culinary experiences at all our Lobkowicz venues. From intimate luncheons in private dining rooms to elegant black-tie dinners for up to 500 guests, we provide inspired cuisine, exquisite table settings and decorations and a well-trained, professional and friendly service staff.


From our magnificently decorated halls with unparalleled views of Prague, to our intimate manicured gardens of Nelahozeves and the gothic ruins of Střekov, we have historical venues to fulfill your every wedding fantasy. Let us help you make your dreams come true.


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