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Support & Membership

Taking proper care of the works in The Lobkowicz Collections – their conservation and restoration – and planning for their exhibition are two of the key responsibilities of Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s.
Working with Czech and international experts, Collections staff is continually striving to find the best ways to preserve these objects for the enjoyment and education of future generations.
Whether you choose to become a Member, sponsor an event or program, or make a financial contribution to a particular project or the general fund, we are pleased to welcome you to the Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. family.


Donations made to Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. in the Czech Republic or the American Friends for the Preservation of Czech Culture (AFPCC) in the United States provide the critical support necessary to care for The Lobkowicz Collections, to establish and offer educational and research programs and to develop other large-scale special projects.
A gift to the general fund supports a range of needs, including those relating to the accessibility, maintenance, storage and security of The Collections, as well as the preservation, conservation, research and presentation of specific objects.
Gifts can also be designated for priority projects. Many of the special initiatives completed to date would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our individual and corporate donors, members, friends and visitors from around the world. For more information about supporting a priority project, please see Special Projects.

Thanks to your contributions we can save precious objects from the past for today.

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Membership is an excellent way to support the mission of The Lobkowicz Collections while taking advantage of exclusive benefits available only to Members.
Membership provides an entire year’s worth of benefits, including free admission to the Lobkowicz Palace Museum, Nelahozeves Castle, Roudnice Castle, and Střekov Castle; discounts in Lobkowicz museum shops and e-Shop; and invitations to exclusive events throughout the year.

New Levels & Benefits

Student Membership | 500 CZK
Ideal as a gift for young adults, university students, junior scholars, international exchange students, and others under the age of 26.

  • Free admission for one year to the Lobkowicz Palace Museum, Nelahozeves Castle, Roudnice Castle, and Střekov Castle for the cardholder
  • Free audio guide at the Lobkowicz Palace Museum for the cardholder
  • 10% discount at Lobkowicz Palace Café and castle restaurants
  • 10% discount on all purchases in Lobkowicz museum shops and e-Shop


Individual Membership | 2,000 CZK
Membership for the one cardholder includes all the same benefits of the Student Membership, PLUS:

  • Exclusive invitations to Members Events throughout the year
  • Free admission to the Spring Pottery Market and Advent Festival at Nelahozeves Castle
  • Free admission to the Wine Harvest Festival at Roudnice Castle


Dual/Family Membership | 4,000 CZK
All of the above mentioned benefits of Individual Membership for up to 6 individuals (2 adults, 4 children), PLUS:

  • Free admission to the family Pumpkin Day at Nelahozeves Castle for up to 6 individuals
  • Free Members gift designed exclusively by the Lobkowicz Palace Museum Shop upon joining or renewing of membership


Canaletto Circle | 10,000 CZK
Membership for 6 individuals and 6 guest passes. Ideal for businesses, groups of friends and families and schools. All of the above mentioned benefits of the Dual / Family Membership, PLUS:

  • One free copy of The Lobkowicz Collections catalog
  • Roudnice Lobkowicz Winery: One wine tasting and guided tour of the historic 12th-century wine cellar (Advanced reservation required, minimum 5 participants)
  • One personal private tour of the Lobkowicz Palace Museum with a member from our curatorial staff (Advanced reservation required, minimum 4 participants)
  • Complimentary bottle of either red or white wine from the Roudnice Lobkowicz Winery
  • Special Canaletto Circle only gift designed by the Lobkowicz Palace Museum Shop upon joining or renewing membership
  • Acknowledgement of support on the website


Brueghel Circle | 20,000 CZK
Ideal for corporations, businesses and embassies. All of the above benefits of the Canaletto Circle for 8 individuals plus 4 Individual Memberships to give as a gift, PLUS:

  • 15% discount on all purchases in the Lobkowicz museum shops and e-Shop
  • 15% discount throughout the year at Lobkowicz Palace Café for parties of 4 or more (Advanced reservation required)
  • Complimentary bottle of red, white and sparkling wine from the Roudnice Lobkowicz Winery
  • A special Brueghel Circle only gift from the Lobkowicz Palace Museum Shop
  • The ability to host a private party, event or meeting in one of the elegant event rooms of the Lobkowicz Palace (Advance reservation required, please ask for details)


The Lobkowicz Collections wishes to acknowledge the generous support and contributions of our special members.

Brueghel Members

  • Brenda and Mark Žejdl
  • Lisa and David Wolf
  • Eleonora and Tomáš Mareš

Canaletto Members

  • Priscilla and Pepper de Callier
  • Helen and Christian Noll
  • International School of Prague


The Lobkowicz Collections comprises over 20,000 moveable objects, not including The Library and The Archive. Each year, in collaboration with experts in restoration and conservation, priority projects for The Collections are identified. As a non-profit organization, Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. relies on contributions from individual and corporate donors to help it carry out its mission of caring for, preserving and displaying these treasures to the public.

Conservation and Restoration

Overseeing the conservation needs of The Collections is one of the key responsibilities of Lobkowicz Collections, o. p. s. The most significant projects to date have been the conservation of Peter Paul Rubens´s Hygieia Nourishing the Sacred Serpent and Paolo Veronese’s David with the Head of Goliath. These projects were made possible through the generosity of private donors. The invaluable financial support of individual and corporate contributors has allowed hundreds of works of art from The Collections to be conserved.

Priority Projects

Current top priority items include the eighteen Regimental Officer Portraits.
In 1623, Václav Eusebius, 2nd Prince Lobkowicz (1609–1677), founded the Lobkowicz Regiment, which formed an integral part of the Imperial Habsburg forces. The Collections include eighteen portraits of officers that served in this regiment under the command of Field Marshall Prince George Christian Lobkowicz (1686–1753/5). These paintings are attributed to Antonio Lucini, who between 1702 and 1733 is known to have been working in Milan, where the Field Marshall was commander-in-chief of the Habsburg army in Italy.

Current Condition

All eighteen portraits require cleaning and expert conservation. Many of the canvases have become thin over time and suffered extensive paint loss as a result. The majority will need lining and consolidation, as well as retouching of the paint losses associated with holes and tears caused by rough handling during confiscation, first by the Nazis and then by the Communists.


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