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Střekov Castle

Built in 1316 to guard the vital trade route to Germany, it remains one of North Bohemia’s most visited cultural monuments. See the spectacular view Goethe described as “one of the most beautiful in Central Europe” and tour the fortress ruins and historical exhibition of medieval weapons and armor.

Opening Hours

Střekov Castle is open from March to October. More about the current opening hours here.

How to get there?


Explore the fortress ruins with its still-intact Knights’ Hall and cylindrical Gothic tower. Tour the historical exhibition that includes reproductions of guns and knights' armor, drawings and pictures of the property, as well as a scale wooden model of the Castle complex.



Throughout the year, Střekov Castle plays host to many special events and festivals, most popular of which are the annual music and wine festivals.



Kovárna is housed within the original blacksmith's workshop of the castle and is located at the entrance gate. The restaurant can accommodate up to 40 people, five of whom can be seated in a unique, secluded area built within the Castle's rock face.



The gothic ruins of the fortress-like Střekov Castle was built in 1316 for John of Luxemburg by his royal architect and engineer, Pešek of Veitmile. It originally guarded the important trade route to Germany. After 1479, the family Glacs´of Starý Dvůr acquired the Castle, repaired the fortifications and built two houses next to the smaller tower and eastern wall.


Weddings & Events

Střekov Castle has always been a sought after source of inspiration for artists, composers, romantics, and dreamers. It offers guests whimsical wedding options and rental locations, such as the restored Knight’s Hall, to plan your memorable event with our experienced and dedicated team.

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Střekov Castle


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