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Festivals at Roudnice Castle

Just 50 km from the capital city you can find a baroque castle Roudnice picturesquely situated above the river Elbe. The castle hosts two major festivals in celebration of Czech wine (and not just from Lobkowicz Roudnice winery).



“Roudnický košt” Wine Festival  June 9, 2018

The Wine Harvest Festival – September 8, 2018


The Wine Harvest Festival

Saturday, 17 September 2016

As in past years, the Wine Harvest Festival offers a rich program for the whole day. This year the celebration will be held in the heart of historic downtown Roudnice nad Labem at Roudnice Castle, the historic seat of the Lobkowicz family and home to the Roudnice Lobkowicz Winery.

The event, organized by the Roudnice nad Labem Cultural Center and Lobkowicz Events Management, celebrates wine, food, music, and traditions of the region. The program boasts a full schedule of musical entertainment with bands such as Mig 21, Adam Mišík, Wohnout, David Kraus, Miro Šmajda & Terrapie, Perutě and others, on three music stages. You can enjoy family-friendly activities, including falconry shows, a marionette theater, and other attractions for children at Roudnice Castle.

Most accessible historical sites in Roudnice nad Labem will be opened. Of course, we must not forget the dozens of stalls with wine and new “raw” wine from winemakers from Bohemia and Moravia, and a wide range of snacks throughout the area.

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Roudnický košt

Saturday, 11 June 2016

The beginning of the “Roudnický košt” festival will celebrate the official opening of a new vineyard which was recently planted in the castle gardens.

There are several reasons for planting a new vineyard in Roudnice nad Labem. At the time when the gothic castle (predecessor of current Lobkowicz castle) was run by bishops of Prague, vines were planned on the slopes of the castle hill. Over the centuries, the vines vanished and the first modern vineyard will be a symbolic return of wine to the town. The year for planting of the vineyard was not chosen at random. With this event we will, together with the town of Roudnice nad Labem, join the 700th anniversary celebration of Charles IV., the king who significantly contributed to development of vine growing and winemaking in the Czech kingdom.

If you come to Roudnice on Saturday, you can spend the whole day with wine. After the opening ceremony, a local wine festival Roudnický košt will offer a tasting of wines from more than 20 Bohemian winemakers. The winery cellars of the Lobkowicz Roudnice winery will be open to the public.

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