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Roudnice Castle

Built upon the foundation of a 12th century Romanesque fortress, this 250-room Baroque castle served as the Princely seat of the Lobkowicz family until its confiscation by the Nazis. This historic castle is also home to the Lobkowicz Roudnice Winery, which has been cultivating the family vineyards and producing award-winning wines for over 400 years.

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Roudnice Castle is open from April to October. More about the current opening hours here.

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Events & Weddings

The recently renovated 17th century chapel, with its ornate stucco and magnificent fresco ceiling, provides the absolutely perfect space for a romantic wedding ceremony that you will remember for a lifetime.



Since 1603, the Roudnice Castle winery has produced award-winning wines in its historic cellars. Groups can enjoy these mostly dry wines, which are distinctively characteristic of this region, by scheduling a memorable wine tasting in the historic castle cellar.



Discover one of the largest castles in the Czech Republic. It boasts many unique architectural features among its 250 rooms; such as its hidden Romanesque perimeter walls and the Baroque chapel with magnificent frescoes.



In the 12th century, on the site where Roudnice Castle now sits, a fortress-style castle was built by the powerful bishops of Prague. This castle served as a popular summer residence for Prague's bishops and archbishops and is said to be the place where Jan Hus was ordained a priest.



Every year the Roudnice nad Labem Cultural Center and Lobkowicz Event Management draw thousands of excited guests to the Wine Harvest Festival held on the castle grounds to celebrate the wine, food, music, and traditions of the region.

(Česky) Roudnické vinobraní 2018
Roudnice vinařskou obcí
(Česky) Koncert v roudnické zámecké kapli
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Roudnice Castle


Očkova 1
413 01 Roudnice nad Labem
Czech Republic


+420 725 525 483

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