House of Lobkowicz

PKF-Lobkowicz series

Stories from the Arts

The PKF – Prague Philharmonia donors’ subscription series, in close cooperation with the Lobkowicz family, gives the opportunity to share artistic enthusiasm in an intimate and special place with those who are fascinated by the never-ending story of art. In the unique surroundings of the collection of the Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle, you can enjoy four evenings with an unforgettable atmosphere, during which music, art and gastronomy will all be linked.

Fotografie © Petra Hajská

A Journey into History, A Window to the Future

The Lobkowicz family has been documenting important aspects of social, cultural, political and economic life in Central Europe for more than seven hundred years. Their collections contain more than 1,500 paintings, a unique Delphic set which is the largest in the world, and one of the oldest prints of a 48-line Bible from 1462. Alongside historical musical instruments and hundreds of manuscripts including Beethoven’s famous compositions such as Eroica, Fate and Pastoral symphonies, the music collection also features six intricately decorated trumpets produced in 1716 by the Viennese master Leichamschneider. The Lobkowicz family are well-known patrons of the arts who have greatly influenced Europe’s musical history.

The PKF—LOBKOWICZ Series gives you the unique opportunity to stand by side of line Lobkowicz, look back at history together, and open up opportunities for artistic plans of the future.

Fotografie © Petra Hajská

Special Experiences from Supporting the Best in the Arts

The PKF — Prague Philharmonia is one of the most highly respected chamber orchestras in the world. It plays 100 concerts a year, of which on average 35—40 are abroad. It contributes some 50 concerts a year to Prague cultural life. It has worked with prestigious record companies such as Deutsche Grammophon and Warner Classics. The PKF were the first in the Czech Republic to perform educational concert programmes for children of pre-school and school age, and the first to open the Orchestral Academy for talented young musicians. As a charitable trust, 60% of its income comes from its own activities and donations from corporations and individuals. By purchasing the PKF—LOBKOWICZ 2019 Series you are supporting an outstanding, progressive artistic body and you are helping it to further fulfil its role. Thank you.

Fotografie © Petra Hajská

2019 PKF – LOBKOWICZ Series

The 2019 series offers four specially created concert programmes, which combine art from the Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism and the twentieth century in an original way. The soloists are four exceptional talents and internationally respected young musicians: Kateřina Kněžíková, Daniel Müller-Schott, Radek Baborák a Mahan Esfahani. The PKF—LOBKOWICZ Series has been conceived as a donors’ series. By purchasing a subscription you not only help the artistic plans of the PKF— Prague Philharmonia, but you also automatically become a member of the Philharmonia Club.

Programme and tickets

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