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Activities & Education

Activities & Education

One of the main priorities of Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. is to forge bonds between The Lobkowicz Collections, individuals, and scholars interested in history and the arts. The principle way in which we seek to cultivate these relationships is through the organization of seminars, internships, research opportunities and student-focused educational programs.
Recent seminar participants have learned about the transfer of The Lobkowicz Archives to its new permanent home at Roudnice and Nelahozeves Castles; interns have assisted in the creation of exhibits and welcomed guests to Lobkowicz museums as Visitor Services team members; researchers have studied frescoes at Roudnice Castle and investigated the most precious objects of The Lobkowicz Library; and students from the International School of Prague have discovered the treasures of the Lobkowicz Collections as participants in a specially arranged Curator for a Day program.
It is the hope of Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. that the experiences offered through its programs will not only enrich the lives of participants but also further advance knowledge of The Lobkowicz Collections in the world.


In keeping with our stated mission of making the treasures of The Lobkowicz Collections accessible to the general public and scholars, Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. organizes seminars and special presentations on a wide range of themes, including the printing and collecting of books, music history, and art restoration. These seminars give participants a unique opportunity to explore, discuss and, in some cases, complete hands-on projects related to the objects in The Collections.
Lead by our senior curators, librarians, and guest experts, these seminars introduce participants to the extraordinary resources that make up The Collections.
Specific objects which have been highlighted at past seminars include illuminated manuscripts and incunabula from The Lobkowicz Library and original musical scores from The Lobkowicz Archives.
Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. also welcomes the opportunity to host academic conferences and symposiums organized by scholarly groups.
For more information about arranging a seminar or special presentation for your group, please contact Dita Baker, Director of Administration and Educational Programming, at

Scholarly Research

Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. is dedicated to opening its properties, museums, The Lobkowicz Library and The Lobkowicz Archives to scholars who are undertaking in-depth research projects. The organization recognizes the contributions these scholars make to fields such as history, art history, art conservation and musical studies and welcomes researchers from around the world to advance the knowledge and understanding of history and culture.
Access to the properties, objects and especially the archives has been a critical part of numerous scholarly publications.
Due to limited resources, we are only able to accommodate a limited number of requests per year.
For more information about conducting research at The Lobkowicz Collections, please contact Dita Baker, Director of Administration and Educational Programming, at

School Programs

Lobkowicz Collections o. p. s. is committed to the development of educational programs for students and young people. These programs are offered to local institutions, international schools and visiting groups from abroad.
The aim is to introduce European history and arts to children from diverse backgrounds in interactive and engaging ways.
Half-day and full-day programs that complement students’ areas of study are available.
To learn more about our programs or to arrange a visit, please contact Dita Baker, Director of Administration and Educational Programming, at

Annual Report 2018

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