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Encompassing almost every field, The Lobkowicz Collections feature world-famous paintings by Brueghel, Canaletto, Cranach, Rubens, Veronese and many others, medieval and Renaissance works of art, ceramics spanning five centuries and exceptional arms and armor.

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Lobkowicz Palace

Where History and Nobility Come Alive

Prague Castle hosts “Loss and Recovery”. Twenty-two rooms of exquisite art and priceless music treasures, including autographed manuscripts by Beethoven and Mozart.

Nelahozeves Castle

A Noble Family at Home

The Renaissance estate illustrates, in extensive detail, how a noble family lived in the 19th century. Twelve period decorated rooms containing works by Rubens, Veronese and Cranach.

Roudnice Castle

The 250-room Baroque castle was the Princely seat of the Lobkowicz family. Four centuries of history are alive in the cellars of the castle winery and exquisitely restored chapel.

Střekov Castle

Founded in 1316, the castle is perched atop the cliffs overlooking the Elbe River. Goethe called its view one of the finest in Europe, and Wagner used it as inspiration for his opera Tannhäuser.


The Lobkowicz Collections o.p.s. sponsors school programs, seminars, scholarly research and internships. It also continually strives to expand lending to other exhibitions, as well as oversees the conservation and restoration of The Collections.

Support & Membership

You can support our efforts by becoming a Member or Friend of The Collections, contribute towards restoration, or sponsor a specific project or festival.


Alexandra Lobkowicz

+420 233 311 472

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PKF – LOBKOWICZ abonmá series L
(Česky) Senoseč od Pietera Bruegela st. se vrátila zpět do Lobkowiczkého paláce
Dress of Polyxena of Pernštejn
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