The Lobkowicz Palace Museum will be open on Tuesday, June 25th from 11 am and from 4:30 pm the first floor of Museum will be closed. On Wednesday, June 26th the Museum will be open to 5 pm. On Thursday, June 27th the Muzeum will be open from 11 am and from 4:30 will be the 1st floor of Muzeum closed. On Friday, June 28th the 1st floor of the Museum will be open to 5 pm.

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House of Lobkowicz

House of Lobkowicz

Lobkowicz Collections

For seven centuries, the Lobkowicz family has played an integral role in the preservation of Czech culture. Through their endeavors, they have amassed one of the most culturally significant collections of art and archival materials in Central Europe.


Lobkowicz Events Management

The Lobkowicz name is synonymous with refined elegance, art, and culture. From its unique vantage point inside Prague Castle, only Lobkowicz Events Management can offer this caliber of cutting-edge consultancy, unique and unforgettable creativity, and flawless event execution.


Lobkowicz Winery

Lobkowicz Roudnice winery has been producing award-winning, traditional Bohemian wines (from their Sovice vineyard) in the historic castle cellars created by Polyxena Pernštejn and Zdeněk Vojtěch, 1st Prince Lobkowicz, for more than four hundred years.


Lobkowicz Palace

Where History and Nobility Come Alive

This 16th-century palace (the only private facility inside Prague Castle) boasts a breathtaking panoramic view that enhances the unique, cultural experiences housed within: The Collections, concerts, café and elegant event rooms.

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Nelahozeves Castle

The Renaissance splendor of Nelahozeves Castle plays host to an immersive museum experience, castle restaurant, shop, seasonal family festivals and beautiful grounds that are perfect for private functions and events.


Roudnice Castle

The 250-room Baroque castle, which was the Princely seat of the Lobkowicz family, is the fourth largest in the Czech Republic. Four centuries of family history are still alive and can be seen in the underground cellars of the castle winery.

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Střekov Castle

Founded in 1316, the castle is still one of the most visited cultural sites in northern Bohemia. Perched on the cliffs overlooking the Elbe River, Goethe called this view one of the finest in Europe, while Wagner used it as inspiration for his opera Tannhäuser.

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700 years of history

The Lobkowicz family is among the oldest and most distinguished Bohemian noble families. For more than 700 years they have played a prominent role in Central European history. The successive generations have not only held the titles of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire but were patrons of artists such as Ludwig von Beethoven and collectors and caretakers of exceptional cultural heritage.

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